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Delta Inks have a pot life of up to 15 hours and the factory can use the same serve of inks to print 5000 pieces of label or printing 2 working shifts. Most part of inks will be used, not waste.


Delta inks are compatible with Eco passport by OekoTex@ certificate and also the tightest RSL of most fashion brands.

Delta Series Inks does not content Cyclohexanone 108-94-1 which is banded by a several fashion brands for risking operators’ health.

The first NON-DG Tagless printing inks in the market. Sea and Air Freight Friendly.

Very low odor inks. Operators can hardly smell the inks (Ink Cup Setup Machine)

Standard Mixing Color

Mixing color.png

Fluorescent Color

Flo color.png

Metallic Color

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