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Brands say NO to Cyclohexanone


Recently, Softag was approached by a worrying customer about a ban of using a critical chemical in Pad Printing inks - Cyclohexanone 108-94-1. (環己酮) from an international fashion brand.


Cyclohexanone is always used for paints, especially for those containing nitrocellulose, vinyl chloride polymers and their copolymers or methacrylate polymer. No sufficient evidence shows that Cyclohexanone is carcinogenic but was listed in the Brand’s RSL (Restricted Substance List).


A several brands of inks in the market contain such chemical, including that the worrying client was using. After a thorough talk with the client, we double confirm with our compliant team that the Delta Series inks NEVER contain the Cyclohexanone from the first tin of ink produced. The clients were so relieved as they found more reliable supplies for their Tagless printing production line.


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Softag suggest all brands and garment factories to check the MSDS of the ink printed on your garment. We are so ready to provide you with a professional advice on Tagless label printing, a lot more than just the best inks in the market.

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