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Do it right the first time

Do you find the efficiency of your Tagless production line is way lower than advertised? Do you find the actual ROI is much longer than what your supplier mentioned?

See how Softag make a difference for the industry:



Delta Series Inks are NON dangerous goods and can be delivered as Normal Goods. Not only it is a lot safer to work with for the operators, the delivery cost, no matter Sea or Freight, is way lower than shipping dangerous cost.


Delta Inks have a lot longer pot life than the other inks in the market. That is, the inks can still be used after kept overnight. Cut your ink costing by half.


Your color options no longer limited to White, Black and Gray as Delta Inks has a lot more color options, including Fluorescent and Metallic colors.

Alpha X.jpg

Alpha X printing feature is the last piece to complete the Tagless puzzle. It maximizes the Tagless printing quality and maintain a proficient printing efficiency.


Only Softag’s Tagless printer comes with the Alpha X feature.
Already have a Non-Softag Tagless printing machine? contact us now for the Alpha X upgrade.

Our Expertise and Experiences

Softag visited more than 50 garment factories, talked to everyone to fine tune the entire printing technology, including Machines, Inks as well as all consumables to bring up the First Time Right Tagless Solution.

And, we never stop digging to better off our solution.

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