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Tagit Kit - Manual Tagless Starter Kit

Tagless Everyway kit.jpg

Manual Tagless Printing Machine

  • Number of Color: 1 Color

  • Max. Printing Size: Ø70mm

  • Max. Printing Speed: 500pcs/hr (Record from factory)

  • Max. Image - Edge Distance: 80mm

Mannew 1.jpg

DELTA Series Inks

  • Include any 3 colors of Delta Standard Inks

  • Enough for productions of 360,000 pieces of labels

  • Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX® Certified

  • ​All additives included


Nova Steelback Plate (Etched)

  • Include 5 pieces of etched Nova Plates

  • Enough for production of 125,000 pieces of labels

IMG_6091 copy.jpg

Plug and Run Operation:

Tagit Kit final.gif
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