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What do the Stakeholders expect when going Tagless?

Apparel Brands:

We need a more reliable solution to decorate our products. In the mean time, provide a comfort experience for our customers when they wear our products.

We need our garment factories to act fast enough to cope with the rapid changes of the fashion cycle. The shorter the lead time it takes, the better we can deal with the fashion trend.

We have to maintain our corporate identity. A product made in Vietnam should look 99% similar to one made in Jordan.

Production Manager - Mr. Rajash:

We need a simple and risk free solution to ensure a smooth production environment.

We would like a faster solution that can improve productivity to cope with the tight lead time.

We would like a more cost effective solution to generate extra cost savings from production.

Apparel production manager in the floor.

Garment factory worker - Miss Đặng My


We hope to work under a safe work place and the solution we use is 100% harm free to our health.

We hope to reach our production target so as to gain an extra compensation from the factories.

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