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Brand's Label Artwork Preparation

This does not always happen, but Softag could experience difficulties on preparing label artwork for garment factories, especially when we only received .jpg, .xls or even a photo of the label on a garment.


To ensure the artwork development tasks goes flawlessly, it is worth spending some time to explain how the Tagless artworks are, and should be made:

Alpha X.jpg

1. An AI or PDF file containing all parts (pattern, sizes, wording) of a main label. Softag will be able to assemble the image accordingly.

Size Matrix.gif

2. An AI or PDF file of which the wording can be typed in according to the size and COO. Softag will source the appreciate fonts if they are open in the market. Brands may have to provide the fonts if it is exclusively owned.

Adjustable image.gif

3. A high resolution .jpg or .png files would be workable. Softag can switch the file to an etching ready format.

Yet, there maybe some other image preparation pattern suggested by other brands. But the above patterns are widely used by most of the brands with the lowest risk of making anything wrong.

Softag's plate etching team has tons of experiences on preparing artworks for different brands. Talk to us now for more information.

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