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Efficiency - The X factor of Successful Tagless printing

Cost savings are said to be the biggest reason for both brands and garment factories to apply Tagless label printing.

Yet the cost saving is not cut by half magically, but accumulated from the workers printing 1 by 1.


The normal pot life of Tagless inks(life span after mixing with Hardener)  is about 8 hours. Workers have to print as many Tagless labels as possible until the ink serve finishes its pot life. If we consider worker's wages and the ink usage efficiency, the printing speed comes to be the X factor of successful Tagless Printing solution.

However, only speeding up the movement of the machine will not literally accelerate the printing efficiency, but probably increase the defective rates of the production. Instead, the machine structure is main factor driving the efficiency of Tagless production.

The distance between the plate holder and worktable, also the pad traveling stroke, determine the ease of placing the Panels (or finished garment) on the worktable. If the pad moving stroke is too short, the operator will have to place part of panel between gap of plate holder and fixture like:

Pad Traveling Stroke


In this case, the operator cannot place a stack of fabric on the worktable to take the Flip and Print process. If the worker has to place the panel 1 by 1 and place the exceeding part of the panels between the worktable and plate holder, it will take at least an extra 3 seconds to print every Tagless label. This will badly decelerate the print efficiency. And the deeper the location of the label is printed, the longer the work will have to spend on positioning.

The shortest pad traveling stroke of Softag machine is 152.4mm and the distance between worktable and plate holder is 87.4mm. This is more than enough to fulfill most of the Tagless label printing job. The workers will be able to Flip and Print process and this should be the reasonable speed of Tagless label printing.

Apart from the special structure, the exclusive Alpha X feature from Softag machinery will also stimulate the production efficiency of Tagless label printing. Talk to us now!!

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