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The Most Affordable Tagless Solution - Tagit Kit

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15 years after Tagless Label Printing being introduced to the garment industry, many fashion brands and garment factories enjoyed the huge cost savings brought from Tagless and the revolution of the industry is still going on.

However, over 150 billion pieces of garments were manufactured every year and the number is still growing. Less than 1% of the garments carries Tagless labels. Different obstacles are found along with the development. Reasons are many but setup cost being too high for certain garment factories is always the culprit.

As the pioneer of the Tagless label printing industry, Softag introduces the most affordable Tagless production line – Tagit Kit to help simulate the Tagless development.


The Tagit Kit includes a heavy duty manual Tagless printing machine as well as all essentials to print fabulous Tagless labels.

Tagless Everyway kit.jpg

With the manual Tagless machin, Tagit-It comes with tons of advantages over tradition Tagless production line:

1. Very cost effective: The Tagit Kit only cost USD$980/set which is very affordable for all garment factories. I am sure you will repay your investment in the first month of operating the machines. You can also purchase only the machine at USD$600/set.

2. The real no down time production line: As the mechanism of the manual machine is extremely simple, the garment factories can prepare very few spare parts to ensure a smooth production.

3. Extremely low setup cost: No electricity and compressed air supply is needed, the operators can go on the production without any restriction. And of course, the cost per every label can is even lower than other solutions.

Setting up the manual Tagless printing machine couldn’t be easier. Without a need of electricity nor compressed air supply, the Tagit Kit is almost just plug and run.

Tagit Kit final.gif

Though the Tagit Kit costs only 1/10 of the pneumatic machine, production capacity can reach up to 500pcs/hr and the printing quality is as high as any printout from pneumatic machines. Not to mention the printout from the Tagit Kit is also OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 compliant.


Go get your first affordable Tagless production line and repay the investment in just the first month. Contact us now!

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