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Why face masks?

The main function of face mask are 3 folds:

1. If one got infected by the corona virus, wearing a mask will prevent her/him from infecting others in public.

2. If one believes he/she is clean of corona virus (up to 60% carriers do not have any symptom of the disease), wearing a mask will prevent him/her from being affected by others in public.

3. The more people wear a mask, the easier the country stops the infection of the corona virus. Carrying a mask in the public also remind others to wear a mask.


No one knows when the corona virus spreading will stop. The most optimistic prediction is that the globe will keep consuming face masks at least 3 months more on a daily basis after no more new cases are confirmed.

Why HK Mask?

By filling with kitchen towel, the filtration efficiency of the HK Mask can be as high as surgical masks. HK masks are made of normal 100% cotton material which can be washed by normal detergent and sterilized by an iron. All material of the HK Masks can be easily sourced locally.

Download the appropriate paper pattern for the user:

Download the Step by Step Manual:

Please also find the video manual for the HK mask:



鄺醫生表示,使用廚巾作過濾器的HK mash應該能達到N95口罩的70%防護水平。研究仍然反映 N95 和外科口罩仍然是最合適的保護自己的方式,但我們認為:


N95> 外科口罩> 可重複使用的口罩> 重複使用的外科口罩(因為不能洗)>(好多了)不要戴口罩




100% 棉還提供了良好的空氣流動條件,使空氣能夠通過口罩的表面(內片 + 過濾器 + 外片)。




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